At the 0700 1 61 61 phone number, the clients may contact the Call Center operators from all the country seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

After the launch of the unified customer number phone in 2006, the company has significantly improved the services for customers by creating a better opportunity for receiving and rendition of information.

Call Center has two automatic lines and direct connection to operator:

  • Line for priority servicing in case of emergency signal;
  • Automatic line for checking of the electricity bills;
  • Consultation with operator about services and issues.

Connecting directly to one of the operators at the Call Center you are able to receive information on:

  • The kinds of services offered by the company and the way you can apply them;
  • Requesting for a free of charge service via the Call Center;
  • Upcoming planned outages in your area;
  • The reading schedule of your electricity meter;
  • Electricity prices and the content of your invoice;
  • The diverse ways of payment for the electricity you have consumed;
  • Office hours and the addresses of the Customer Service Centers.

In addition at the 0700 1 61 61 phone number you can call about illegal usage of electricity or thefts of facilities.