Art therapy for children with cancer in the pediatric oncohematology clinic at the "St. Georgi" hospital, Plovdiv

ENERGO-PRO finances the ARTON Bulgaria foundation for the implementation of art therapy for cancer children.

The noble case study of the ARTON Foundation is another project that received funds for implementation from the initiative to support local communities "ENERGO-PRO for Society". The provided financing is used to conduct and provide for the needs of a hospital program in the Clinic for Pediatric Oncohematology at the UMBAL "St. Georgi" - Plovdiv.

Nearly 30 children aged 4 to 18 attend the weekly art therapy sessions every month and thus receive their dose of joy, inspiration, and faith. With the support of ENERGO-PRO, the Arton Foundation team has the opportunity to provide a variety and quantities of quality and attractive art materials and supplies, so necessary for the children's sessions.

Art therapies provide children with peace of mind, shared experiences with their fellows and allow them to immerse themselves in another reality, far from the hospital one. In times of economic and health crises, the assistance of ENERGO-PRO gives security and sustainability to the work aimed at the emotional recovery of the biggest little heroes.