Frequently asked questions

1. Where and when can I check my bill in the Internet, like it could be done on the site of E.ON Bulgaria?

The new site allows you to check your electricity bill as it was done so far. To do it you only need to have your clients identification number (CIN).

2. Will the client and subscriber numbers I use be changed?

No change will be made to your client identification number. Your subscriber number is also retained, so you can continue to use them in the future.

3. My meter has the designation E.ON Bulgaria, will you change it?

The technical characteristics of the meter and its reading are not influenced by the company name.

4. Will there be a change in the mere reading time schedule?

The schedule for reading the electricity consumed by you remains unchanged.

5. The bills shown on your Internet site for August we paid to E.ON Bulgaria. We will not receive bills from Energo-Pro for the same period and amount?

ENERGO-PRO retains the same accounts that had been used by the E.ON Bulgaria Company. In this case, all payments to E.ON Bulgaria go to the account of ENERGO-PRO and it is unlikely to have double payment.

6. Are all methods of cash point and non-cash point payment retained?

Yes, they remain unchanged.

7. Will it be possible to pay by bank operation (payment order), as it was with E.ON Bulgaria? Where is shown the payment data?

The bank details of ENERGO-PRO are the same as those of E.ON Bulgaria. There is no change in the company's bank accounts. They are published on the website in section Clients, Payment methods.

8. I am paying my bills by way of direct debit. Is the service preserved and is it necessary to submit application with the bank with the new name ENERGO-PRO for renewal?

All non-cash point ways of payment, including the direct debit are preserved. It is not necessary to undertake any actions as we have already informed the bank about the change of the name.

9. Will there be a change in the payment via ATM?

No. You can continue to pay your electricity via ATM like so far.

10. Will I be able to pay my bills at the current cash points of EasyPay, Bulgarian Posts and Information Services?

Yes, the companies remain partners of ENERGO-PRO and you can continue to pay your bills in the most convenient for you office. Information on the cash points of Bulgarian Posts and Information Services can be found here.


11. I received an invoice from E.ON Bulgaria and you are now Energo-Pro, what shall I do with it?

All invoices issued before 10.09.2012 is with the data of E.ON Bulgaria. After this date, your invoice will be with ENERGO-PRO data. In both cases you have to pay the indicated amount in the most convenient way for you.

12. Do the Customer Service Centers remain and are there any changes in their addresses?

The Customer Service Centers remain the same. Information about the exact address of the closest to you center and their working hours you can find on our Internet site in section Clients.

Only the Customer Service Center in Varna since September 24 has moved to its previous address at 2 Devnya street.

13. Will the Call Center phone number 0700 161 61 be changed?

No. The number is retained. It is at your disposal 24 hours at the cost of a city call.

14. I am in an already started procedure for connection to the grid of E.ON Bulgaria. Do I have to start this procedure again when the company is Energo-Pro?

No. This is not necessary. All started procedures for connection remain valid.