ENERGO-PRO starts on its own an initiative to check out the January bills deviating from the usual consumption of the client


ENERGO-PRO accepts all requests for deferment of the January bill. The company will not switch off the power supply to clients for unpaid bills for January if they have applied for checking their bills and have not been answered

ENERGO-PRO started ENERGO transparency project, within the frame of which, the company will offer to its clients to check the electricity bill for January, if it deviates from the typical consumption of the client.

The inspection will include taking the meter readings on the spot in the presence of the customer or his representative, and if necessary, check the meter with standard device. The company is committed, in case of finding out any discrepancy, to return the money to the client, if he has already paid the bill or cancel it if it still has not been paid. To ensure transparency of the results of the checks, the company invites media representatives to be present during their execution.

As part of their daily work, the specialists of the company will check the signal of any customer who has doubts about the correctness of his electricity bill for the month of January and has turned for consultation to the company on the 24 hour company phone 070016161, e-mail address for clients or in the customer service centers. Each signal is treated individually, and the meter readings are checked at the relevant address and if inconsistency is found, the clients bill is corrected. This service is free of charge to the client.

To date, 7,480 clients have been consulted by telephone and 3,543 clients in the customer service regarding the January bills. The company has received 750 written complaints.

Of all screened signals to the moment there is not a single case of overcharged or wrong bill. In one case a customer has complained of improper reading. The inspection found out company calculated electricity is charged because of the lack of access of meter reader to the meter. After a check at the address the customer's bill is adjusted.

The company will not terminate the power supply to clients whose signals are in the process of being checked and they do not need to pay their due for January until they have received a reply from the company to the signal given by them.

We would like to remind again to our clients that the experts of ENERGO-PRO are ready to assist them with additional information and clarification of their electricity bills and their individual reading period at the 24 hour company phone 0700 161 61, email: or at the most convenient for them customer service center. List of the addresses of the customer service centers is available at: .

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New General terms and conditions for access and transmission of electricity through the electricity distribution grid of ENERGO-PRO Sales AD


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New General terms and conditions for access and transmission of electricity through the electricity distribution grid of ENERGO-PRO Grid AD


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ENERGO-PRO announces increased electricity consumption for November 2013 compared to the same period last year


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ENERGO-PRO awarded for achievements in the investment process


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Low temperatures during the weekend increased the electricity consumption in Northeastern Bulgaria by about 21 %


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ENERGO-PRO launches a project to the change the meter reading period, which will improve the quality of the service and customer care


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