Payment methods

The company provides to its customers on the regulated market the following non-cash means of payments, thus saving You time and eliminating missed payments:

1. By bank transfer:

  • Direct debit – the current liability is paid by bank transfer, automatically, every month;
  • ATM – by transferring the due amount from your debit card;
  • Bank transfer - by transferring the due amount at a suitable for you bank branch to the designated account in:
    • Societe Generale Expressbank, IBAN: BG12TTBB94001527717093, BIC: TTBBBG22.

2. Via the Internet*:

  • Electronic banking at the site of your servicing bank;
  • The electronic payment system (;

*Transferred amounts will be registered in the system of ENERGO-PRO on the following the payment working day.

In addition, you can pay your electricity bill in cash at the cash points of ENERGO-PRO Bulgaria or in the designated post offices.